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STRLNCH is a comprehensive 6-DOF store separation simulation software package applicable to high angle-of-attack launch from maneuvering aircraft at subsonic and supersonic speeds. Released store/missile aerodynamics are modeled by either the MISL3 or MISDL software.


Range of Flow Parameters
  • Subsonic through supersonic Mach numbers
  • Parent aircraft angles of attack/sideslip up to 60 degrees
  • Arbitrarily maneuvering aircraft
  • Nonzero rotational rates

Quantities Computed

  • Launched store 6-DOF trajectory characteristics: translational and rotational positions, velocities and accelerations
  • Overall 6-DOF forces and moments time histories:  CA, CY, CN, Cl, Cm, Cn
  • Fin forces and moments:  CAF, CNF, CHM, CBM
  • Detailed carriage load distributions on store body and fins

STRLNCH runs fast on workstations and PCs. Reduces need for costly wind tunnel tests. Indispensable in preliminary safe store launch assessment and parent aircraft/store integration studies.



STRLNCH writes output files that are compatible with
Tecplot ® which allows viewing of 3-D animation
and 2-D plots of the released store trajectory characteristics.
The STRLNCH trajectory results can be read into spreadsheet programs.

Tecplot ® is a registered trademark of Tecplot, Inc.

Important Parent Aircraft
Modeling Features

  • VTXCHN fuselage modeling for high angles of attack
  • Stall models for wing/pylon(s) at high angles of attack
  • Hook release and delay modeling


    Important Store and Release
    Modeling Features

  • See MISL3 and MISDL information
  • Effects of parent aircraft nonuniform flow
  • Noncircular store modeling with MISDL
  • Canard-tail vortical interference
  • Thrust time histories
  • Ejection force models
  • Rail launch option
  • User-specified autopilot
  • Lanyard model
  • Wing-deployment model
  • Umbilical chord model
  • Time dependent mass properties
  • Special modeling for wing-tip mounted missiles


  • Additional Applications to Launch Vehicles
    Click Here for Examples of Launch Vehicle Separation Analysis

    Aero Software Licensing and Training

    Missile Aerodynamics Prediction:  MISL3
    Detailed Missile Loads:  MISDL
    Euler Solver: NEARZEUSIN (with Inlets) /ZEUSBL
    Aircraft Store Separation and Carriage Loads Analysis: STRLNCH
    Aircraft Unsteady Maneuvering: SHAMAN
    Unsteady Hydrodynamic Analysis: SUBFLO_2
    User’s Training for all NEAR Software
    State Department Export License and TAA Preparation as Required



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