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What's New in NEAR RS Version 3.2

   Input File (*.rsd) Format

  • New START_IGNORE and STOP_IGNORE optional directives.

   Response Surface Identification Module

  • Option to write covariance matrix to m-file output using -mcov option in
  • Preservation of originating command line in m-file output as variable MainParameters.
  • Compiled for Intel-based Mac OS X.

    Response Surface Query Module

  • Option to output membership functions using '-mfout'. 
  • Output real variable names using '-rn' flag. 
  • Specify alternate directory for query input files using '-rsqh'. 
  • Option for uneven number of points for 2-D scan (-nq option with '-scan2'). 
  • Option for non-file-based input query specification using range arguments to '-scan1' or '-scan2'. 
  • Uncertainty prediction: output either confidence interval ('-U') or prediction interval ('-Up').
  • Optional override of random variations standard deviation ('-stdev'). 
  • Improved rs-membership control when using RANGE{MIN,MAX} in *.rsd input file. 
  • Mac OS X compatibility.

    Optimization / Response Surface Search Module

  • Membership functions now applied by default.
  • New sample cases documentation.
  • Mac OS X compatibility. 

    Distribution / Sample Cases

  • Improved robustness of Cygwin TCL/TK installation script.
  • Improved *.readme sample case descriptions using a tutorial-style common format, including Tecplot and gnuplot verification graphics and journaling scripts. 
  • Added rs_membership.defaultTriangular.m multidimensional example. 
  • Added new sample case “mf_1d,” a two disjointed zones tutorial emphasizing membership function usage and custom design. 
  • Added new sample case “patch,” a progressive, 7-zone tutorial to help understand membership function design in the case of mostly overlapping zones.
  • Added sample case “carbon,” a tutorial emphasizing the effect of radial basis function stiffness on the response surface uncertainty, and contrasting confidence intervals and prediction intervals.
  • Inclusion of license agreement.

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