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Licensing Requirements - Foreign End Users

            Software License Agreement (entered into by and between Licensor, NEAR, and Licensee)
            Delivery requires an Export License which must be approved by the U. S. State Department
   Export License Application requires:
                        End-User Statement containing
• Name, position, department, address, company of end user (typically an engineer or head of a group or department)
• Intended use of software (e.g., in-house aerodynamic studies of flight vehicles)
• List of any cooperative programs between Licensee and any U.S. company or government agency
• Signature of an “empowered official” of the Licensee company (e.g., president, vice-president, director) with printed name and title
Purchase Order containing
• License Fee in USD
• Description of delivery (e.g., executable of MISL3 [Windows version], input/output files for generic sample cases, code user’s documentation)
• Delivery terms (e.g., within 45 days of receiving the approved export license at the NEAR office)
• Preferred method of delivery (courier, airmail, download from NEAR secure FTP site) 


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