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CFD Runtime Manager

CFD Runtime Manager Expert System

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a complex technical discipline, and the regulation of a running calculation to ensure accuracy and convergence is a task that requires significant oversight and expertise. An intelligent CFD Runtime Manager was developed in this research to perform essential checks on the running solution, and to identify and rectify problems that can arise during a calculation. The objectives of this project were to develop a set of tools to assess the quality of the grid and solution and to develop a knowledge base capable of interpreting the output of these tools in order to regulate the calculation automatically and/or provide troubleshooting advice to the user. Analytical and empirical methods were developed to evaluate the status of a calculation, and to relate this status to problem causes and potential remedies. This knowledge base was implemented into an expert system that allowed intelligent processing in real-time, and worked over a distributed computational platform. By using a common library of communication modules, the CFD Runtime Manager was integrated with a CFD code to assist engineers with monitoring a solution and performing necessary quality checks. This resulted in  increased efficiency and decreased risk in the CFD process.



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CFD Runtime Manager
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