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Rocket Sled Aerodynamics: RSX (U.S. Govt only)
Integrated Design and Analysis Tool for Rocket Sled Aerodynamics


An integrated engineering level aerodynamic analysis tool called Rocket
Sled eXpert (RSX) has been developed for fast and accurate estimates of
the aerodynamic characteristics of rocket sleds at subsonic through
hypersonic Mach numbers. The system incorporates a toolbox of component
buildup analysis methods to model the complex geometry of typical
rocket sleds including effects of the ground plane, track configurations,
and reflected shock waves. A knowledge-based expert system is included
to provide easy access to the corporate memory from previous programs;
the system includes legacy methods, design rules, test requirements,
historical documents, and lessons learned. RSX increases the accuracy
and speed of the aerodynamic analysis process for rocket sleds, and it
provides a capability to reduce the risk and cost associated with
future test programs.


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Rocket Sled Aerodynamics: RSX (U.S. Govt only)
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