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Best Practices Expert System for CFD: BPX

Problem - Many CFD problems can be traced to inexperienced users producing results with software they do not understand.
Solution - BPX provides a knowledge-based system to address the knowledge gap encountered by CFD users.
Goal – To facilitate the CFD user in achieving consistent high-quality solutions with minimized uncertainty, errors, and redundant runs.
NASA Langley Research Center funding, April 2003 to August 2006,Technical Monitor: Joe Morrison (with M. Hemsch & J. Luckring)

What is BPX?

A GUI-based application based on a knowledge database which provides user guidance to the CFD process.

BPX Includes

Archive of Corporate Memory and Expert Knowledge
Searchable Internal Database for Publications, Technical information, and Validation Data
Process Rules, Guidelines, and Accepted CFD Practices
Project Configurations
CFD Grid Rendering and Examination
CFD Code Input Creation
Frequently Asked Questions
Verification and Validation Information

Other Applications

The approach used for BPX has been used for other technical disciplines:
Launch Vehicle Aerodynamics
Rocket Sled Design and Analysis System
Dynamic Interface Integration Environment

More Information

Contact NEAR for more information on how BPX or a similar system can be used in your organization.

Michael R. Mendenhall
  650-968-9457 x-224

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Aircraft grid

Knowledge Systems Software

Launch Vehicle Expert System:  LVX
Best Practices Expert System for CFD: BPX
Rocket Sled Aerodynamics: RSX (U.S. Govt only)
Systems Integration: DIXIE



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