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State Department Export License and TAA Preparation

The State Department's International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR") control exports of technology and services that relate to military items. NEAR's aerodynamic and store separation software is subject to ITAR restrictions and an export license is required. An export license is also required for deliveries to foreign nationals located within the United States due to concerns with "deemed export" regulations.

The State Department also requires NEAR to obtain a Technical Assistance Agreement ("TAA") before technical data generated by NEAR can be shared with foreign entities. The requirement mainly applies to consulting for foreign entities.

After receipt of purchase order, NEAR works with the client to prepare the forms and required supporting documentation for either the export license or TAA application. Contact NEAR for more information.

For software licensing information please contact:

Aerodynamic Software Licensing and Training

Missile Aerodynamics Prediction:  MISL3
Detailed Missile Loads:  MISDL
Euler Solver: NEARZEUSIN (with Inlets) /ZEUSBL
Aircraft Store Separation and Carriage Loads Analysis: STRLNCH
Aircraft Unsteady Maneuvering: SHAMAN
Unsteady Hydrodynamic Analysis: SUBFLO_2
User’s Training for all NEAR Software
State Department Export License and TAA Preparation as Required



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