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Aircraft Unsteady Maneuvering: SHAMAN
Prediction of Post-Stall Aerodynamic Characteristics of Maneuvering Aircraft

SHAMAN is a preliminary design prediction and analysis capability applicable to configurations operating in post-stall flow conditions. Its approach is a direct coupling of fluid dynamics and flight mechanics for use in the flight regimes where the flow phenomena are dominated by vorticity and separation associated with high angles of attack and rapid motions. The resulting method is applicable to generic configurations, it is not dependent on specific empirical information, and it is economical to use. It can be used to predict specified vehicle motions or flow conditions, or it can be coupled with a six-degree-of-freedom equation-of-motion solver to predict flight trajectories and transient performance characteristics. Post-stall flight regimes are handled with empirical correlations of wing data. The method is validated by comparison with static and dynamic wind tunnel data on a variety of wing-alone and wing-body configurations

Commercial Applications: The SHAMAN code has application to the preliminary design and analysis of aircraft configurations in unsteady motions. It can also be used for subsonic unsteady aerodynamic analysis of configurations at high angle of attack, post-stall conditions.


Perkins, S. C. and Mendenhall, M. R., "Prediction of Post-Stall Aerodynamic Characteristics of Maneuvering Aircraft." AIAA Paper 99-3115 presented at the 17th Applied Aerodynamics Conference, Jun. 28 - Jul. 1, 1999, Norfolk, VA.

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