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Innovative Solid-State All-Weather Transducers

NEAR is developing an all-weather acoustic sensor that can quantify the magnitude and direction of the local shear stress vector on a given surface of interest. The system uses MEMS-based sensors to achieve a small, robust package that can be flush-mounted to avoid flow disruption. The solid-state sensors do not incorporate any moving parts to increase reliability and vibration resistance. Because the instrument can 1) measure shear stress values up to 100 Pa, 2) account for atmospheric variations in local fluid properties, and 3) accommodate relatively large streamwise pressure gradients, it is well suited for use in wind tunnels, flight test research, and commercial aircraft applications.

Commercial Applications: These all-weather shear stress sensors will have numerous applications in both military and commercial markets. Potential applications include:

  1. wind tunnel, water tank, flight, and track testing in commercial and government research laboratories,
  2. monitoring for increased skin friction on aircraft employing laminar flow wings and drag reduction devices, and
  3. detecting reversed flow and incipient stall on aircraft wings.

Ultrasonic Vortex Detection System
Innovative Solid-State All-Weather Shear Stress Transducers



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