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Aircraft Store Separation and Carriage Loads Analysis


NEAR has performed numerous store separation analyses for a variety of U.S. and foreign commercial customers as well as the U.S. government. The researchers and engineers at NEAR apply aerodynamic knowledge gained over the years to each customer's individual circumstances.

STRLNCH is a comprehensive 6-DOF store separation simulation software package applicable to high angle-of-attack launch from maneuvering aircraft at subsonic and supersonic speeds. Released store/missile aerodynamics are modeled by either the MISL3 or MISDL software, depending on configuration and customer requirements.




Determination of Carriage Loads for the X-34 while Attached to Stargazer, Orbital's L-1011.
Click for a Detailed View of the X-34 Configuration


Determination of Carriage Loads and Separation Trajectories of a Two-Stage Reusable Launch Vehicle.


The Software Was Used to Analyze the Hyper-X Launch Vehicle's Separation from NASA's B-52.
Click for a View of the Separation Click for a Detailed View of the Separation


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