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Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics

In the area of computational fluid dynamics, NEAR engages primarily in basic research using a variety of analytical and computational techniques in the performance of its work. The areas of research include transonic flow theory, turbomachinery, numerical analysis, and turbulent flow studies.

The company is also involved in applied research in the areas of aircraft and missile aerodynamics, submersible hydrodynamics, experimental programs, and fluid mechanics problems associated with energy. The objective in these areas is to provide prediction techniques for use at the preliminary and detailed design levels on diverse vehicle configurations experiencing a wide range of flow phenomena. NEAR's goal is to provide the most useful, accurate, engineering prediction methods possible using the latest technology.

Error and Uncertainty Modeling or Solution Quality Assurance (under construction)
MDO Design Aeroelasticity
MDO Design Configuration
Unstructured MacroCell Methodology for Dynamic Stall
Kinetic-Based CFD Algorithm
High-Order Accurate Implicit Method for Rotor Aerodynamics
Turbulent Flow Aero-Optical Distortion
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